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Portable Acoustic Vocal Booths

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Portable vocal booths are mini vocal booths that gives users the flexibility to take your work on the road. Portable vocal booths like the Carry-On Vocal Booth and the Carry-On Tracking Booth allow voice actors, reporters, musicians and others in audio recording to make quality recordings -- cutting reverberations around the microphone.  These two vocal booths were designed for audio and voice recordings on-the-go! If you travel and take your work on the road or do not want to invest in a full-size booths, these products are a must for you.

These truly portable and mobile vocal booths are perfect to use in small spaces and/or during time constraints since it can be set-up and operational in about 20 seconds and put away just as quickly. The Carry-On Tracking Booth is smaller and a great companion for the tracking reporter or for voice actors who don't need to stand while recording. Both booths are light weight, washable and folds into a convenient carrying case with a handle for easy travel. The Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro allows you to use either standing or sitting since it has a mount for the microphone. It also includes a script holder and an internal light.

No Boxy Recordings. Clear and Professional. You will notice right away!

The voice of Barney, Dean Wendt, says this about the Carry-On:

"I have tried a bunch of vocal booths. Nothing compares to this. I am VERY picky. Not boxy sounding like the others. Great company and great people. HIGHLY recommend."

Both Carry-On Booths are perfect for travel, allowing you to record a clear audio without "boxy" feeling of similar foam booths. Both booths are much easier to carry, much lighter and more convenient on the road.. Plus, you can store other items in the travel bag!

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James Alburger

"The Carry-On Vocal Booth is lighter, easier to use, sounds better, and, in my opinion, far more functional than any other portable VO booth I've seen. Harlan's booth uses Auralex pyramid foam, which does a good job of diffusing the sound, but does only a fair job of absorption . . . . I like the Carry-On much better!"

James Alburger,

James Alburger

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