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Sound Booth 3 x 3 with Soundproofing

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Sound isolation enclosure designed for audio recording, music practice, voice over recording, etc. This is a complete 3 X 3 sound booth with soundproofing walls and acoustic sound absorbing panels designed to provide maximum soundproofing with optimum aco

Sound Booth 3 x 3 with Soundproofing

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Sound isolation enclosure designed for audio recording, music practice, voice over recording, etc. This is a complete 3 X 3 sound booth with soundproofing walls and acoustic sound absorbing panels designed to provide maximum soundproofing with optimum aco

The Complete VocalBoothToGo 3 x 3 Soundproof(er) Booth with Sound Block, SB-33

This sound booth is a complete 3 X 3 booth designed to block maximum noise and yet be easily transportable and easy to assemble and disassemble in no time.

This seemingly impossible task was finally achieved, and we are proud to present you with this product.

Soundproof(er) Booth SB 33 from incorporates tubular steel framework for durability and lightweight.  No tools required for assembly, and it does not have any small parts that are easy to lose. Soundproofing walls (STC 32) made out of thick layer of Mass Loaded Vinyl with a layer of an inch and a half of sound absorbing fiber, and covered with Ballistic Nylon. We also provide additional sound absorbing acoustic panels and vibration-canceling floor mat. This booth is intuitive to set-up and easy to take down as well as transport in a trunk of a car.

Perfect for Any Space

Perfect for any space, small or large, the sound booth with the soundproofing walls is great for sound isolation or creating a controlled audio-recording environment. With a footprint of 40 x 40 and the height of 80 inches, this walk-in sound booth is easy to disassemble and assemble -- and no tools required!

See a demo of this sound booth

Sound Blocking performance: SB 33 blocks up to 43 dB of noise.

Sound Transmission Class :  STC 25. 
Transmission loss by frequency:

Sound frequency (Hz)

Noise reduction (dB)













NOTE: there is no standardized STC test for standalone sound isolation enclosures.    This test was devised by our request to provide a reliable independent data for audio professionals.  The material, the walls are made of, has STC 32 -- but since the entire enclosure is not completely airtight, sound can leak through weak areas such as joints between panels, floor, window area . Therefore, overall STC of the assembled booth is lower.  More important indicator of booth performance is transmission loss by specific frequency.  In the most important audio frequency range between 1000Hz and 4000Hz, SB33 blocks from 27dB to 39dB of sound, which is pretty impressive for portable enclosures, which can be assembled on demand within 20 minutes in a field environment.  See test data details here: Soundproof(er) Booth Sound transmission loss test results

Set-Up is Easy -- No Parts or Tools Required!

To set up the booth first of all you need to assemble a frame.

1. Make the base square:

Soundproof Booth setup

NOTE: We advise to push the pipes into the 90 degrees connectors all the way in beyond the clip to make the frame a little tighter.



2. Make the top square of the frame. The top portion includes a cross bar.  Cross bar is required for ceiling support and also for light attachments.

soundproof(er) Boothsoundproof(er) booth





3.  Assemble the frame. Set vertical posts in the base square. (use the straight connectors to connect two straight vertical pieces).  Set the top Square on top.

Soundproof(er) Booth Setup








4.  Hang absorption blankets. You can use hooks or tie ups. The absorption panels are optional, but it helps to remove "boominess" of the tight closed booth.  if you use absorption panels your recording will sound better.  When you hang the absorption panels - do not follow the corners of the frame. Leave the corners rounded.

soundproof(er) booth

ATTENTION: we recommend attaching hooks and straps and whatever you are planning to hang on the frame now, BEFORE the heavy soundproof layer is on the frame. Once the soundproof layer is in place - it will be nearly impossible to fit anything over the frame. You might just add additional Velcro strips or Wire to the top bar just in case you need to hook up your wires or something.





5.  Put the top portion of the soundblock layer on the top of the frame.

Adjust the top portion so the "skirting" sides come together at the corners and can close together.

roof assembly on the soundproofer booth

soundproofer roof assembly soundproofer booth roof assembly

6. Attach the sides. You have two sides of the same width: one with Window and one without. Attach them first. Ask a friend (or two) to help -- the panels are heavy and hanging the first two sides will require someone to keep the top panel in place. Attach the side with the Window first and then the opposite side (no window) on the opposite side. Now your top and sides should be stabilized. Make the necessary adjustments to make sure the whole construction did not shift. Then attach the back panel and Velcro the sides. Now attach the remaining two door panels. The door panels should overlap and Velcro on each other. Velcro the door panels at the corners. The middle serves as entrance.

soundproof(er) booth YOU ARE DONE!






  • Light weight metal frame.
  • No tools required for assembly/disassembly. vocal booth inside
  • Easy assembly and disassembly in minutes (for one person, 6-minute assembly time for the frame).
  • Producer'€™s Choice sound blanket walls and ceiling for superior booth acoustics (NRC Rated at .8 which means that 80% of the sound that hits the sound blanket, does not bounce back onto your recordings).
  • Includes window.
  • Sound block layer is a specially constructed soundproof shield containing Limp Mass Membrane (STC 32), that Velcroes together almost airtight. (The sound block layer is very heavy and may need 2 people for set-up.).
  • Sound absorption panel Producer's choice grade included for better acoustics.
  • Fits in a regular size car when disassembled.

Specifications: Sound Booth with Sound Block 3 X 3: 40 inches by 40 inches footprint 80 inches tall.

Dimensions: 40” W x 40” L x 80” H

Material: Walls made out of sound barrier panels consisting of Mass Loaded Vinyl Layer with sound absorption fiber layer attached to it and Nylon reinforced outer cover,  STC 32. Internal sound absorption layer includes Producer’s Choice Acoustic Blankets.

Accessories: Floor mat,  No-hum 16” Light, Ventilation Tube and Ventilation Silencer.  (Fan is not included).

Additional Accessories: (Pictured below -- sold separately)): 3-Speed Ventilation Fan; Carry Bags.

Sound booth bag

sound booth bag

ventilation fan








  • Tubular metal frame
  • Soundproof walls
  • Sound absorptive acoustic blankets panels
  • Window
  • Ventilation noise muffler
  • Internal "no hum"  light
  • Floor mat

Weight: Frame 50 Lbs; Soundblock layer 200lbs; Acoustic panels 20 lbs; Total Weight: Approximately 300 lbs. Total ship weight: 310 lbs.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase of the SB33, you may return the booth in brand-new condition within 5 business days after receiving it. 100% of the product cost will be refunded to you. Please note that all shipping charges still apply in both directions and any Duty and taxes for international orders.

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