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Full-size Mobile Soundproof (er) Sound Booths

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Full-size Mobile Soundproof (-er) Sound Booths 

The mobile full-size walk-in sound booth is a sound isolating enclosure designed for music practice, singing practice and any activity where you need to cut down on sound transmission in-or-out of the booth.

Walls of the mobile sound booths are constructed out of our proprietary material, which was specifically designed to reduce sound transmission by about 30 dB (STC 33) and being able to roll away when in transit. The purpose of these rooms is to instantly create a quiet space where you can make uninterrupted recordings or practice your favorite instrument any time without disturbing your neighbors.

Provides Enclosed Space

The walk-in sound booth can provide you a completely enclosed space, where you can stand or sit with your microphone or even walk around.  These sound booths are relatively easy and quick to set up and put away. The sound block is heavy, and so you may need help to set up the sound block layer. Even with smallest booth, we recommend two people for assembly because of the sound block.

The sound booth includes acoustic blankets for cutting down on reverberations and creating optimal acoustic environment for audio recording. This Sound Isolation Enclosures will provide you with considerable soundproofing, and it will allow you to play instruments or sing at anytime -- day and night -- without disturbing your neighbors. Keep in mind that no room is 100% soundproof.

What does the Mobile Sound Booth do for you?

  • Allows you to practice without disturbing your neighbors.
  • Allows you to get clean recordings (cuts outside noises).
  • Gives you dead sounding recordings. With use of acoustic treatment -- included -- (no echo, no reverberations).
  • Completely mobile. This booth, in a folded state, can be transported in a car or even sent by mail. You can take these booths to your client's office, at conferences, on tours -- just about anywhere. The Sound Booth 3x3 can even be set up in a tour bus!
  • Quick set-up and take down. If you have limited space, this booth can be removed and put away. The sound block material may require additional help with lifting or taking down.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble. There are no tools required! Just snap-on into place. No confusing parts.
  • Huge savings compare to other walk-in sound booths on the market -- but comparable soundproofing efficiency.
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James Alburger

"The Carry-On Vocal Booth is lighter, easier to use, sounds better, and, in my opinion, far more functional than any other portable VO booth I've seen. Harlan's booth uses Auralex pyramid foam, which does a good job of diffusing the sound, but does only a fair job of absorption . . . . I like the Carry-On much better!"

James Alburger,

James Alburger

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