Frequently asked questions and answers from VocalBoothToGo - Australia. ask how to make a sound booth, vocal booth or how to treat your DIY home vocal booth.


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1.   Q: When are you going to start shipping from Australia?

        A: Atthe moment this project is "on Hold" No date has been determined. We are searching for a distributor. All orders should be placed from  and will be shipped from the USA.

2.    Q: What products are going to be available in store  in Australia?

        A:  Assortment of acoustic blankets will definitely be available. we will also have the Carry-on Booths and Acoustic booths, we will also have some soundproofer booth.  If you have any suggestions or requests we are very anxious to hear from you!

3.     Q:  Are you going to have any sales?

         A:  We are planning to have some preorder sales.  Preorder sale helps us to finance delivering the acoustoic products to Australia and preorders help us to tailor our inventory to what our customer need.

4.     Q:  Can i call you to discuss my acoustic room treatment .

         A:  At the moment we only communicate via e-mail.

5.     Q:  Do you have Ausralian Distributor?

         A:  Currently we do not have the distributor, so we encourage interested parties to apply.

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Randye Kaye, Voice Actor,

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