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  1. Acoustic Vocal Booth 3 X 3

    Acoustic Vocal Booth 3 X 3


    This Mobile Vocal Booth, 3 x 3, is a portable walk-in vocal booth that is great for any small space and includes everything you need. The size measures at 3W x 3L x 6.5H  Includes metal Frame with bag, single wall covers (Outside is Black; Inside is White)

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  2. Sound Booth 3 x 3 with Soundproofing

    Sound Booth 3 x 3 with Soundproofing


    Sound isolation enclosure designed for audio recording, music practice, voice over recording, etc. This is a complete 3 X 3 sound booth with soundproofing walls and acoustic sound absorbing panels designed to provide maximum soundproofing with optimum aco Learn More
  3. Door Sound Barrier Panels

    Door Sound Barrier Panels


    Soundproof door panels are specially designed to block noise coming through doorways, halls and windows. With impressive STC 32 (they block up to 49dB (!) noise). This product is the most effective sound blocking product of this kind.

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  4. VOMO - Voice Over MObile Recording Studio

    VOMO - Voice Over MObile Recording Studio


    VOMO is the third generation of Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro, enhanced with the Surround Sound Hood for 360 acoustic studio environment. It delivers consistent sound recordings anywhere you go. Works great for seasoned professionals and an excellent home recording studio for new to tehprofession. It also works for Vocalists, especiallythat it provides flexibility in allowing more or less room tone to match your specific voice and song requirements.

    This booth also is a great starter for beginners in voice acting, who may not want a full-size vocal booth just yet. With the Carry-on Vocal Booth, voice over talent can record either standing or sitting since it has the option to be microphone mountable! Plus, this portable vocal booth folds into a handy travel bag and also includes a mini boom and script holder. 

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Randye Kaye, Voice Actor,

Vocal Booth on Tracks delivers Exactly what it says! The Vocal Booth on Tracks in an option for Space Challenged Voice Talents . . . and Yahoo! I now have my own recording “room” – and, even better, I can whisk its “walls” aside whenever I need to.

Randye Kaye, Voice Actor,

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