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Producer's Choice Acoustic Blankets and Sound Blankets

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Sound absorption is the ability of material to reduce reflection of the sound waves.  In other words, it is the opposite of sound reflection.  Sound absorption panels are not meant to stop sound. Instead, sound absorptive blankets, like our acoustic blankets, are used for acoustic room treatment to reduce echo -- what you hear in a room with bare walls.

Sound absorption properties of acoustic materials can be measured in standardized tests as Noise Reduction Coefficient. It does not really matter what the material itself is - the higher the NRC, the better its sound absorption quality.  (Materials with NRC below 0.5 are not considered to be acoustic quality.)

Are moving blankets the same?

Moving blankets are sometimes used for acoustic room treatment as a cheap alternative to expensive acoustic foam. It is important to understand that light economy moving blankets, even if advertised as moving €œblankets for soundproofing€ or "sound absorption acoustic blankets or €œblankets for sound absorption,"€ will not do a good enough job. (Blankets for soundproofing is a misnomer). Moving blankets with coarse, tightly woven or nonwoven outer fabric, will reflect sound before it ever gets a chance to be absorbed by the inside filler.

To make high quality audio recording you need sound blankets that have substantial sound absorptive filler, sound transparent outer fabric and that have been proven to do a good job.  With that goal in mind, we created our line of Producer's Choice Acoustic Blankets.

Producer'€™s Choice Acoustic Blankets for sound absorption evolved from a regular moving blanket as a result of constant improvements to meet requirements of audio recording professionals and producers in the moving and music industry. Over the years, we made changes to the inside filler, outer fabric and blanket design that made our acoustic blankets one of the top choices for people in voice acting and the audio recording industry. Our VB series of Producer's Choice Sound Blankets absorb 80% of noise (NRC 0.8) and exceed any competitor's products in sound absorption quality and value.

In this category, we present Producer'€™s Choice blankets that differ in color, size and grommet location but all have the same high sound absorption quality. Plus, these blankets are washable and will not break apart, unlike acousic foam. These blankets are an investment for a lifetime.

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